Need the perfect voice for your audio project?  Call or email us…radio, TV, web audio, corporate videos, games – we will help come to the RESCUE on any script requiring a voice.

We are fast, AFFORDABLE, creative and organized. Spotcasters fees start at just $250.00 for a single role.  Give us your scripts and tell us what your specs are (we can help with that!) and away we go...we’re happy to HELP.

Now the MAGIC happens.  After you call us and assign us your casting project, let your casting stresses go, focus on your other projects needing attention, and we’ll be working behind the scenes for YOU.  We have a comprehensive database and we are able to tap into some of the BEST union and non-union talent and agents out there.

The next time you hear from us, we’ll be sending you to your own PRIVATE Virtual Casting Room where you can listen to the top 3-5 selects for each role we’re casting.  We want to make your life EASIER and the way to do that is to tap into Spotcasters experience and network of talent, locally and across the nation. 

After you’ve selected your top choices, we’ll HELP you book them for your recording session.  If you need a recording studio to complete your project, we live inside one, so just ask and we’ll produce the session for you, booking the time, processing the talent payment, and billing your project on one, easy invoice. We are ISDN, Source Connect and ipDTL equipped, so we can hook you up!

Are we different?  YES.  We listen to every single audition, sometimes receiving more than 100 for each role.  We judge the read against your specs to make sure we are sending you only the best matches.  If we feel a talent has huge potential for being the perfect voice for your project, but their audition was just a little off or over-the-top, we’ll call them and walk them through another read. 

And, guess what?  We only cast VOICES, and we are NOT A TALENT AGENCY, so you will be getting reads from many different sources locally and around the world. We are not selling talent, we are helping YOU find the perfect ft.

We are passionate about every project we take on, and our philosophy is simple.  We want to help showcase our client’s CREATIVE work, by making the audio the best it can be…and in order for us to achieve this, we need to cast the perfect talent for your script.

Spotcasters is a service so NIFTY, you just have to try it!  

Call us NOW at 503-273-2273, or send us a message here!

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